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Wonderful job as usual ^^

Xin is one of the few Flash projects I've enjoyed voicing for a lot. I'm glad people like the voices of not just me, but the entire cast as well.

For people demanding more humor: It's one thing to have funny bits in the series, but not EVERYTHING can be funny. Steven and Max have purposely chosed for a more serious genre rather than a comedy. If you want humor, find other projects, really. Imagine some World War II movie with lots of humor. That just doesn't work. I think the balance of genres is just fine in this series. It's more focused on being serious rather than funny because I feel the creators want to focus on the story and entertain the audience with that, rather than make them laugh with random blurbs of funny.

As I might've said before, there's always room for improvement, but graphics-wise some of you reviewers might have to give the boys a bit of a break here. Their efforts for this are grand and you have to give them props for that. They make their own music and take a lot of time to make this as good as possible with Flash. They're not professionals, but learning animators and I'm sure that if they were given an oppertunity to expand their creativity, they'd most likely be able to achieve stellar quality. These boys certainly have potential, gotta give them that, right?

I think in general, when people claim to post "constructive" reviews, saying the voices are "gay" kinda defeats the purpose of being constructive. Then again...NG *is* a huge community so you can't control everything they say ^^

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Better than I expected!

When I got the script for this, I could vaguely imagine how it would look like, but seeing the actual project totally blew me away.

I had a lot of fun voices the four robots, although I really think Childre was my weakest voice, as most of the reviewers agreed on and I don't blame them. Kid voices aren't my forté (HAHA...Megaman pun.). Nonetheless, i'm really glad most of you enjoyed the voices I provided.

A fantastic job to my fellow cast members Edwyn, Lucien, Haushinka and mostly Mizura. I loved your opening line >D

Foxphere, while I really like your battle efforts, your spoken lines for Zero were the only thing that threw me off a bit. It was too low, masculine and very slow spoken. Almost Terminator like. However, there's a lot of room for improvement and I think you have a good voice. Just work on the acting some more; As a VA producer at the VAA, I think you have potential. IM me sometime :)

Oh, Good work on Dr. Weil to you too, D-Mac :).

Harpuia was indeed voiced by the same person as Legend in Xin. Edwyn, also known as Omahdon here, has done countless of flash work here, and you people might remember me as Xin and Ghai in the Xin series ^^.

Again, much thanks for the compliments on the voice work, I had fun doing this.

Flamezero: Keep up the fantastic work. I had fun working with you.



This was incredibly chaotic and pretty much a bunch of randomness focused on telling the 8-bit crew to piss off.

Good job. >D It's always a pleasure to hear Julie and Alee <3

Although the naked Fighter is kind of disturbing O_o.

Not the best flash I've seen (too chaotic IMO), but graphics-wise it's gorgeous ^^.

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